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Best Gifts to Give for Moms

Mothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, sisters or aunts are people who may be in our minds as we prepare to celebrate the women who helped shape us into who we are today. Moms play a vital role in the family. Together with dads who provide, moms maintain the harmony, the ones who make sure that everything is in proper order. In general, moms take care of the family, from a pile of laundry up to the midnight fever of either sons or daughters. I would say when someone becomes a mom; it’s a lifetime commitment to love her family. If you’re someone who enjoys meaningful presents to the first woman in your life, you may want to consider these ideas.

  1. Handcrafted jewelry

Handcrafted pieces of jewelry are popular nowadays. Lots of love is poured into them, and the items can last a lifetime. It’s literally made by “hands” which becomes more personal and special. There are thousands of articles you can check online on how to create pieces that you can do by yourself at home or you may want to consider buying to any local artisans you know.

handcrafted jewelry

  1. Custom mug

Aside from being “kikay” when our moms were younger, they also love simple pieces that remind special people and events in her lives.  Custom mugs give a permanent reminder of the great experiences the family and friends had. You can add a family photo on the mug or a message of love printed which she can glance every time she drinks her favorite coffee or tea.

  1. Good luck plants

Does your mom love plants? Why not give her plants that are said to bring good luck, wealth, prosperity and health to home? My mom would always check on her orchids every morning and afternoon and she enjoys it a lot. Aside from orchids, there are other lucky plants like the Money Tree, Boston Fern, Spider Plant, Peace Lily, Jade Plant, English Ivy, Morning Glory, Lotus, and Philodendron. Purchase one for her, and she would definitely love it.

  1. Cards and flowers

If you’re thinking to give her something special yet you’re on tight budget, card making is a perfect choice. Cards are special regardless of what occasion being celebrated. The giver put so much thought into choosing or creating a card. You can start with a piece of cardboard, and then add some sweet or funny message to it; put some colorful cutouts that will tell life story and memories. Once done with the card, touch it up with her favorite flowers. Pretty and fun, isn’t it?

moms card


Moms would just prefer a hug and kiss from her kids. Or a simple chit-chat will do, talking about school and friends. That’s what our moms are. They love to love and be loved. All of us do really. So, how do you normally show love to your mom? Share us your thoughts in the comments section.