Testimonials and Reviews

When happy moments are created, Mugs Token always feel grateful for it. See some of our customer’s testimonials and reviews regarding our products.

“I really did enjoy the product. Especially I ordered in bulk and I thought I was going to have a hard time with my daughter’s christening, I was not disappointed. Thinking Mugs Token handled all the christening favors job, it’s absolutely recommended to choose Mugs Token.”


“The mug is nice! It’s lightweight, smooth finish and the design is exactly what I wished to be printed. Overall, Mugs Token did a great job.”


“I was really on a rush that day because my son’s birthday was going to be in the next 2 days. I still didn’t have any birthday giveaways. Good thing when I contacted Mugs Token, they immediately accepted the job and it went very well. Thanks, Mugs Token!”